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Late Mr. Kartar Singh
 (Founder President)
Mr. Jasmer Singh
Niranjan Singh Kartar Singh Hammers (N.K.H.) established in 1960 by S. Kartar Singh (1926-1993) with the vision of introducing the forging hammers in India also known as God Father of Forging Industry. The Company is now headed under by his son S. Kulwant Singh and his Grandsons Mr. Jasmer Singh and Mr. Zailinder Singh, (Third Generation).
NKH Hammers is the first Indian Company, to Introduce Forging Machines in India and our share is more than 90 % of successful installations in the forging Industry which are running across India as well as Abroad.

Even in 21st Century and all other colourful accomplishments that our modern world of the media presents us with every day, machine engineering and plant construction which is dependent on forged components by Forging Machines is and will remain one of the most important pillars of our present-day prosperity.Without high-strength, forged metal components, the economic and technical development that we have experienced over the last seventy years would not have been possible. Electricity and mobility in the form of motorized vehicles of all kinds are just two of the multifarious fields of application for modern Forged Components.
S. Kulwant Singh
Mr. Zailinder Singh
Mile Stones

Year 1947 - Incorporated, Originally Engaged in Manufacturing and Trading of Cycle Parts.

Year 1960 - Manufacturing of Belt Drop Hammers Started under M/s Forging Machinery ManufacturingCo. and First one in INDIA to Manufacture Belt Drop Hammers.

Year 1972 - First Rolling Mill was commenced.

Year 1982 - Installation of Arc Melting Furnaces for steel plant.

Year 1986 - Installation of Second rolling Mill.

Year 1991 - Installation of Steel induction furnace (Kohara), for special steel casting, Grey Iron casting, casting for railways, B.H.E.L, Defense etc.

Year 1992 - Started Manufacturing Billet shearing Machines under the umbrella of M/s Forging Machinery Manufacturing Co.
Year 1998 - Started Manufacturing Power Presses & Friction Screw Presses
Year 2000 - Founded Jaissons Engineering Pvt. Ltd. which is a Heavy Castings Division. (Grey Iron Capacity up to 80,000 Kg Single Piece).
Year 2003 - NKH Cast & Forge. (Forging Capacity 200 grm. To 150 Kg.)

  Quality Certifications

ISO 9001:2008 by BVQI Accredited by UKAS
In Order to enhance our systems and processed, create value, relevance to our Products,Services, People and our assets.

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